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Earl Grey

A fine example of famous blend. Finest quality large leaf tea scanted with natural oil of Bergamot.

English Breakfast

A distinctive and superior tea, with a bright clear colour, medium strenght and an invigorating flavour.

Ceylon Orange Pekoe

 From the western slopes os Sri Lanka, this O.P. tea has a light appearance and a delicate flavour.

Afternoon Broken O. P.

Finest Broken Orange Pekoe teas, blended for exceptional taste and character.



Pure Darjeeling

Grown on the slopes of Himalayas, Darjeelings are light, fragrant and delicate in taste.

Pure Jasmine

A delicate and subtle tea. Finest China tea lightly perfumed with dried Jasmine blossom.

 Pure Assam

Assam tea is renowned for its rich, full bodied, bright liquor. For those who favour a strong cup of tea.

Sancha Japanese GreenTea 

Unfermented tea, with a refreshingly light and delicate flavour.



Genmai Cha Japanese Green Tea

Bancha green tea with added hulled rice kernels. Light brown liquor with a light savoury flavour.

Chun Mee China Green Tea

An un-fermented tea from the Zheijiang Province. Light liquoring with a golden-green colour.

Keemun China Black Tea

The tightly rolled leaves of Keemun produce a unique aroma, colour and a fresh smooth flavour.

 Lapsang Souchong

A tea with a distinctive smoky taste and aroma. Best appreciated without milk.



Russian Caravan Blend

Keemun, Oolong and Darjeeling teas carefully blended to produce a light liquoring tea with a distinctive aroma.

Pinhead Gunpowder

A fuller flavoured green tea, with a very distinctive and refreshing liquor.


 Decaffeinated Breakfast Tea

Finest small leaf Ceylon tea, with most of caffeine removed. A mellow and rounded flavour.



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