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Blend Six

We have blended a Java, Kenya and dark roast Colombian beans to give a strong “gusty” coffee.


Mesellin Excelso, a fresh and full bodied coffee from Causca in the Sierra Nevada Mountains. To emphasise its fine characteristics we have roasted this to a full medium colour. Taste its smooth, full bodied flavour. Suitable for all occasions.

Continental Blend

This dark roasted blend of Central American coffees strikes the palate as no other strong coffee could. Excellent for dark espresso coffee or a strong after dinner coffee.

Costa Rica

Can be considered one of the world’s greatest coffees. Very mild with a nutty background. Full acidity with a beguiling aroma.


French Roast Blend

Coffee roasted to a “Dark Black”. The oils flow freely, leaving them dark and shiny.

Italian Blend

Recall the sultry tones of continental holidays as you enjoy the smooth rich taste of this carefully prepared blend of Central American and African Coffees. An ideal espresso coffee or a strong cafetiere or filter brew.


A medium roast, Java is one of the stronger warmer flavoured coffees. With its relatively low acidity and full body it is pleasantly balanced.

Kenya AA

A classic coffee taste. Kenya coffee is grown in the highlands, where the soil and temperate climate conditions combine to make an excellent coffee. Full of flavour and aroma with a distinctive tangy taste.


Kenya Peaberry

Grown in the Nyeri region. Because the coffee cherry only produces one ovule, instead of two the resulting peaberry absorbs all the goodness, so giving a fine acidity with a slightly fruity flavour.

Mahers Classico Espresso

A superb “all round blend” especially suited for cappuccino. Rounded and richly flavoured with a smooth finish.


Mahers Gold Espresso

A distinguished blend of carefully roasted premium coffees from quality growers. Mahers Gold Espresso with its particular roasting process is recognised as a consistent creamy blend with an intense aroma.

Mahers Premium Espresso

A blend of an aromatic dark roast Colombian bean, a fruity Costa Rica bean and a full bodied Java, carefully roasted to produce a smooth full bodied coffee without a bitter taste.


Mahers Silver Espresso

A Strong and resolute flavour with an enticing aroma. This coffee with its robust body and premium taste is the typical Italian espresso coffee.


Old World coffee from Yemen. Has a flavour reminiscent of “high pheasant" .Hence the trade name “gamey”.Excellent for after dinner.

Mountain Blend

A quality blend of Kenya, Costa Rica and Colombian coffees .This blend is medium roasted so is ideal as a breakfast or mild “All day” coffee.


Grown in India in the mountains near Mysore. This coffee is noted for its smooth mild brew and a delicate flavour but having a good body. Stays well on a filter machine without becoming bitter.



Grown by the Co Op group Prodecoop and produced by 49 small farmers.The taste has citric notes with good body and acidity.


A rich coffee with a delicate floral note, light in texture and sweet aftertaste. Suitable for drinking any time of the day.


This Brazilian coffee derives its flavour from the iron rich soil in which it is grown thus giving the coffee a general soft and mild taste with low acidity.


Dark Roast. Grown near Lake Toba in the north of Sumatra the coffee is noted for it’s smooth heavy texture, soft with mild acidity. Its rich character makes it very suitable for adding milk as it retains it’s excellent flavour.  


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